What is the difference between a wrap midi skirt and a normal midi skirt?

The key difference between our midi wrap skirts and standard midi skirts lies in their adjustability, offering you the freedom to customise the fit to your liking.

If you're someone who loves a high-waisted look, you can easily tighten the wrap skirt's tie, securing it snugly around your midsection for a flattering fit. Alternatively, if you're more into a low-rise style, you have the option to loosen the tie, allowing the skirt to sit comfortably on your hips for a relaxed feel.

And if you're keen on exploring more in the world of midi wrap skirts, don't miss out on our Jaspre Wrap Skirts Collection. It features a diverse range of styles, including some chic mini skirt options, providing you with even more fashionable choices.

What colours and patterns are our skirts available in?

Every season, we release new bold designs for our skirt collection. If you’re looking for a lace skirt, you can find a black lace skirt with us. We offer a wide range of different patterns and skirts in different colours. So if you’re looking for an orange skirt, a red skirt or perhaps even a khaki mini skirt - you can find the perfect skirt for you with us. Some of our prints are staples, and our leopard skirt will never go out of fashion. If you’re looking for a classic black maxi skirt or midi skirt, you’ve come to the right place.

Are our skirts suitable for all year round?

Our skirts are designed to be versatile enough to wear all year round. In the summer, our wrap mini skirts are perfect for the warmer weather, offering both style and comfort. As the seasons change, these skirts can easily transition into winter wear. Simply add tights and boots to your favourite wrap mini skirt for a cosy, yet fashionable winter outfit.