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What to Wear on a Night Out

630 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
What to Wear on a Night Out


Are you heading on a night out and you always gravitate towards skinny jeans and the same old nice top? Want to find some more outfit inspo? Don't worry - at NFD - we've got your back.

Dress up as casual or as dressy as you like with help from our guide. From karaoke nights and pub gatherings to staying out clubbing till 4am, you can easily find answers to the question "what to wear on a night out?".

What should I wear on a casual night out?

Sometimes we want to look cute but we don't want to dress up to the nines, and sometimes the evening's events are a little too paired down for you to wear your best going out outfit.

This is where our casual night out outfits come in. Perhaps you're heading to a pub quiz or a karaoke night, and you want to look glam yet casual.

The Glam Casual

You can easily dress up for these types of casual nights out by toning down some of your more dressy items with some of your more casual pieces. Got a mini dress you absolutely love, like our Leopard Minnie Dress?

If you're worried that your mini dress looks too fancy and out of place for the venues you're going to visit, simply throw on a simple over-sized shirt over it, for an effortless look.

For more casual vibes, think about more casual pairings with some of your classic going out staples. Try a slip dress paired with sliders or trainers, or a blazer paired with your favourite pair of jeans.

You can also go all out and find your favourite bodycon dress, slick your hair back into a bun and add some chunky jewellery and accessories - adding a playful element to your look.

What if I’m going out out?

Sometimes a Friday night is perfect for an evening chilling at the pub with your mates, and sometimes you want to get all your friends together and head off to the club. Going out out means it's time to impress!

The ritual of getting ready can be a long one - and sometimes it's even more fun than the night ahead. '

We know how important it is for everything to come together just right. To save you from throwing all your clothes on your bed and still not being able to find something to wear, browse through some of our outfit ideas, so you can really make sure that your night starts with a bang.

There's nothing wrong with jeans and a cute top!

Forever the staple of many girls' going out wardrobes, the jeans and a cute top might seem a bit boring and a little worn out. But you can still look chic and on trend wearing something you feel comfortable in by following some of our tips.

How can I style jeans and a cute top?

Think outside the box! You don't have to wear the same blue skinny jeans and blouse every night out. Instead play with colours and textures to create a really eye-catching and individual look.

From our brightly patterned shirt blouses to our unique mesh tops, you'll be able to find a top that really adds a hint of glamour to your night out.

You don't need to always pick out that trusty pair of skinny jeans either. Instead try out straight leg jeans, flared jeans or even coloured jeans.

Slip on a pair of trousers instead, and pair your nice top with our leather trousers or maybe even some patterned trousers.

Jazz up your jeans and a cute top with the perfect accessories. From hoop earrings to strappy heels, you can find some jewellery and shoes that really work with your look, and you'll be ready to hit the town.

How can I wear leather trousers?


Winter is just around the corner, and vegan leather trousers are back on trend! From black to dark brown leather trousers, leggings or shorts, leather trousers are a perfect outfit to make a statement in.

Play up the edgy and cool elements with high heels, maximalist accessories and a mesh top. If you want to create a more casual look, swap out the mesh top for a t- shirt and slip on your trusty pair of trainers instead.

If you love the leather look but you're unsure about leather trousers, pop on your favourite leather jacket or leather skirt instead and embrace the trend!

The blazer dress combo

Pair one of your favourite blazers with one of our iconic slip dresses and create a stylish look perfect for going out in autumn. Throwing on a blazer over your favourite silk dress won’t just create a super fashionable outfit, but you'll also have an extra layer of warmth to protect you from the cold.

Paired with some strappy heels and hoop earrings, you've got yourself an outfit that's guaranteed to turn heads!

The Smart Night Out

You've been invited to another night out - but it's for a more formal party occasion than just dancing with your friends. All your going out outfits don't quite fit and you don’t know what to wear on a night out.

Maybe you've been invited to a formal dinner or an event that has a smart dress code. At NFD, you can shop our range of smart occasion dresses and outfits, so you won't have to worry about putting a foot wrong.

We have a wide range of classy midi and maxi dresses perfect for when you need to look smart. Slip on one of our dresses and style with some gorgeous jewellery. All you'll need is your favourite heels, and a cute matching bag and you'll be ready to impress.

The Little Black Dress

Perfectly classy, glamorous and sexy for every occasion a little black dress is the perfect number for your staple going out outfits. From Audrey Hepburn's iconic Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Diana's revenge dress, little black dresses are a wardrobe essential.

Our black dresses, from our Abigail Dress to our Black Love Story Mini Dress are all perfect for a night out. You can wear our black dresses for all occasions - from casual nights out to formal dinners, and you can style them however you like.

Go for an all black outfit for the ultimate chic look. Throw on a black leather jacket over the top and pair with some skinny black heels for a mysterious and striking look. Or, play with colour with your black dress, and add brightly coloured accessories to contrast the edgy look.

You could also opt for a black mini skirt or pencil skirt and a matching blouse on top for a more modern little black dress ensemble. Our multiwear co-ords are the perfect choice!

What to wear on a night out in the autumn and winter?

As the seasons start to change, different things become on trend - think check patterns, velvet and 70s style boots. The weather starts to get colder too - and sometimes it might become necessary to bring a coat with you to fight off the chill.

Think about pairing a sweater or a jumper with our vegan leather trousers or wearing sheer tights with your dresses.

When the months begin to feel cooler, sometimes you'll have to pay that cloakroom fee and bring a coat with you to the club. Luckily, all of our coats and jackets will perfectly compliment your going out outfits - so you never feel like you're sacrificing your look to cope with the cold.

As the evenings become colder, you might opt for an elegant jumpsuit with sleeves or your take on a suit instead of a short dress. You might choose to throw on some straight leg jeans with a mesh top for a casual and cool effect.

Time to enjoy your night out!

Slip your favourite shoes on, finish putting on your makeup and style your hair just the way you like it - and with the perfect going out outfits from NFD - you'll be ready to have a ball!

No matter your style or the event you're going to, you're bound to find the perfect fit at NFD. From a pencil skirt and blouse to chunky boots paired with one of our jumpsuits, you'll be standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Whether you're heading out to the pub, a fancy dinner or you're just going to dance the evening away with your best mates, you'll definitely feel glamorous in any of our outfit ideas. Even if you kick off your heels, our outfits will make you feel elegant all evening long.