1227 days ago . by Elspeth Harry

Who run the world?

1227 days ago . by Elspeth Harry
Who run the world?

5 ways to celebrate yourself or others this International Women’s Day


The past year has been a very different one to say the least, despite this it is still SO important that we celebrate our achievements as women and continue to empower one another. At NFD, our community of amazing women is what pushes us to continue to grow and learn as a brand. So for that we would like to start by saying THANK YOU. We are so thankful for our amazing customer base and the inspiring women we get the opportunity to engage with every single day.


This International Women’s Day we wanted to bring you easy ways that you can get involved to celebrate yourself and others!


Take time to reflect

In these current fast paced times we often forget to stop and reflect on our achievements. Take time to look over your past year and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved. No matter how small you may think this is, it’s important that we celebrate ourselves on the small things, big things and everything in between. Homeschooled your children? Congratulate yourself! Started a new job? Congratulate yourself! Made it through a pandemic? Congratulate yourself!


Tune into virtual events

This International Women’s Day there will be lots of events which you can engage with including; talk panels, empowering walks, quizzes, and opportunities to hear from various female angles. These open discussions and events provide opportunities to celebrate woman achievements and continued growth towards gender equality.


You can search events here: 


Open yourself up to praise, and remember to praise others

Take part in activities which encourage you to highlight positive attributes towards yourself and others. Try this:


As many people as you like can take part (at least 2 people) - each person must do the following:

Write down 5 things to praise yourself

Write down 5 things to praise another person

Swap paper and reflect on the positivity you see in yourself, and the positivity others see in you


Set yourself goals

The theme this International Women’s Day is #choosetochallenge. ‘From challenge comes change.’ Set yourself goals on how you strive to create a gender equal world whether that be at home, in the workplace, your local government, or your child’s school.


Seek out women who empower you and support them on their journey

We all have so many amazing women in our lives, women who empower us, inspire us and teach us. Take a minute to think about who empowers you, and remember to support them on their journey. Share your friends business on instagram, tell people about your child’s school achievements, call someone and congratulate them. Whatever and whoever it may be, let’s remember to put positivity out into the world and support each other as women.


Most importantly remember, in the wise words of Beyonce, who run the world?