We make clothes to make you feel amazing. 

 Life is tough, but so are you. If you get out of the wrong side of bed, choose colour.

You have the power to change that energy and be the colour someone else might need that day. It’s infectious!

Let’s love our beautiful bodies, love life, and love each other. Clothes are like a film we watch or music we listen to… they carry a power to change how we feel (and others feel). How amazing is that?


Founded in 2009 by Lucy Aylen, Never Fully Dressed started life as a market stall, “my grandparents were seamstresses in the East End and my parents were market traders, so I was bought up on the shop floor. My grandad bought me a sewing machine to start making things that I sold at Portobello Road and Spitalfields markets and from there the word-of-mouth buzz grew and so did we”

Today, we are more than just a fashion brand. We’re a community that celebrates, empowers and supports everybody. We want you to feel represented in our brand, through diverse models, to inclusive sizing extending from a UK 6-28, US 2-24. This stems from our head office, which is a collaborative team of 30 talented individuals at the heart of what we do.
We encourage feel good dressing, that clothing has the power to change how we feel. Our unique prints in quality fabrics are designed in-house to inject joy into your wardrobe and inspire confidence in your every day.
We have a vision of designing clothes with a multi wear function, creating styles that are investment pieces with longevity for all occasions and seasons. Our honest price structure signifies the quality of our product whilst maintaining its affordability and accessibility, shipping directly to over 80 countries.
Our customer is our influencer. We are inspired by our community and value their voice in our brand. We actively encourage supportive conversation across our channels and in our two stores in New York, USA and Essex, UK.

Women Supporting Women

Since the brand’s conception, one of the constants has been Lucy’s devotion to the NFD customer, “if the brand was a person, we’d be that hype-girl in the women’s loo telling everyone how amazing they looked on a night out. I just love women and I love seeing the brand grow but what really excites me is when we get amazing messages from our customers telling us how the brand has helped them”.

I don’t remember the last time I had as much fun getting dressed as I do when I put on your pieces. Especially since I gained quite a bit of weight and was struggling finding quality, unique, beautiful clothes to fit me. Now, I check NFD weekly for new drops & it is my first stop when I’m ready to shop. I’ve never worn anything from you that didn’t garner compliments and at least one person asking “OMG where did you get that?!” And I love it because I can’t wait to tell them about your brand! 

Customer Quote from @Iambrittany_xo

Inclusive Sizing

We are proud to stock a wide range of sizes because every body deserves amazing clothes. Our sizes ranges from UK 6-28 and US 2-24 with some items extending to a UK 30 (US 26).
Most recently we have also launched a petite range which we recommend for anyone 5'3 and under. We also understand that the female form doesn't always fit conventional sizing which is why we have a size guide onsite to help you find the right fit for each item.


We are proud of our multi-wear heritage and are firm believers in incorporating multi-wear elements into our designs which in turn helps you to increase the lifespan of your purchase, makes the product work for you, your style, your figure, your occasion. We include how-to style videos to help you find alternate ways to re-wear your NFD purchases.

Circular Fashion

We are passionate about circular fashion, about the lifetime value of an NFD item, whether in your wardrobe or someone else’s.  We offer an incredible circular fashion service for our customers in partnership with pre-loved app, Depop.  

How to get involved

Visit our pre-loved page and click apply to sell. Upload details of your old Never Fully Dressed item We’ll get in touch with how many points this piece can earn you Points equal vouchers to spend on new Never Fully Dressed items. 

Spitalfields Market

Every last Sunday of the month find us at Spitalfields market with our amazing range of pre-love NFD and one off samples!


From the beginning Never Fully Dressed has been rooted in charity support with a community focus. As a brand we support 4 key charities; Mind, Breast Cancer UK, Tommy’s and Smart Works, selling individually designed t-shirts to both promote each cause as well as donating £5 from each t-shirt sale

To date NFD have raised over £100,000 combined for our key charities.
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Our range is made from fabrics that support our journey, taking steps towards a more sustainable future.  We are consistently working with our supply chain to expand our offering of materials that will have less impact on the planet. We currently include Recycled Polyester and Eco Vero Viscose fibres in the NFD range which each hold their own benefits.

Recycled Polyester or rPET is made from recycled post consumer waste of plastic bottles generating less carbon emissions than traditional polyester, using less energy and reducing the impact on the earth’s natural resources. 

Eco Vero Viscose is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre that is breathable and gentle on skin. It is made from wood pulp derived from sustainably managed forests.  In production it has a 50% lower water impact than conventional viscose and up to 50% lower CO2 emissions helping to combat climate change.

We aim to ship as much product as we can vs. airing to work in a more sustainable way. 

For AW 79% of our knit is made using a eco vero Viscose mix.

At NFD we are passionate about the planet and working in respectful ways to honour our collective home. This means thinking beyond our source materials and incorporating sustainable policies into our everyday. For example you might notice that the print placement on your new dress doesn't exactly match the image, thats because we are cutting materials in a way to limit wastage. You may have also noticed upgrades to our packaging, we have opted for more sustainable bags to protect your orders and will continue to reevaluate our shipping and packaging practices to prioritise our planet. We are excited to continue on this journey and share more sustainability milestones with you as we commit to a better future for everyone.