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What are “good” going out tops?

557 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
What are “good” going out tops?

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a “good” going out top, the search can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure out what the perfect casual going out top will look like, but it’s important that your next going out top can be worn to a multitude of different events - from work drinks to a dive bar concert or even to a first date.

A going out top is no good if it’s worn once, for a very specific occasion, and then tossed into the back of your wardrobe - never to be seen again.

It’s important to find a going out top that makes you look and feel good. Your new going out top should be able to be worn to a variety of different after work events - bonus points if it can be dressed down for a more casual daytime look or smartened up for work if paired with some tailored pieces.

You want every addition to your wardrobe to be something that you love that you’ll wear time and time again.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a going out top?

Style and Fit

When you’re looking for a going out top, make sure that it fits your current style and you have plenty in your wardrobe to match it with.

If you’re looking for a bold cohesive look, check out some of our matching co-ord options. Our co-ord blouses can either match the co-ord skirt or trousers, or you can pair our co-ord blouses with jeans or your favourite skirt.

Some of the best going out tops will be the ones you can pair with blazers and you can easily dress up or down for whatever occasion that you’re attending.

However, sometimes, you’ll be keen to invest in a statement piece that will be worn time and time again to a range of different night out events.

Make sure that this new top can be styled with a wide range of clothes that are already in your wardrobe, so you can really make sure that you’ll reach for that new going out top again and again.

Material and care instructions

It’s always important to find out what material your dressy top will be, and whether you like that kind of material.

All of our dressy tops can be easily cared for and washed on a cool setting. This means that your going out tops are sure to last for many more parties in the future.

Durability and versatility

Our women’s going out tops can be dressed up or dressed down, and can be worn for a wide range of different events.

From watching a movie on a weeknight to grabbing drinks with the girls after work on a Friday, it’s important to make sure that our going out tops will get worn time and time again.

Our tops can be paired with a wide variety of different accessories, jackets and shoes to create a whole new look. Pair our tops with our skirts, trousers or jeans for a complete look.

How can I purchase a top that is good for the environment and ethical?

Check the use of sustainable materials

If you’re looking for a top that’s not only going to fit you well, but is also good for the environment, you should be aware of how a brand uses sustainable materials.

At Never Fully Dressed, we use recycled polyester, eco vero viscose and cotton in many of our sustainable pieces.

We limit waste by using fabric cutting techniques that get the most pattern pieces out of a roll of fabric.

Although this means that the placement of the print on our garments might not be exactly the same, it means we can limit the amount of waste we produce.

Check the labour practises

At NFD, all of our clothes are produced in an audited factory. This means that the factories that we work with comply with certain standards and workplace practices.

Make sure that the brand is diverse and inclusive

We have a wide range of sizes, and we are proud that our clothes are suitable for all bodies, all sizes and all occasions.

Many of our tops and skirts are easily adjustable - meaning that our dressy tops can easily become maternity tops so that they’re perfect for mums-to-be or for new mums when they’re nursing.

How can you find the best going out top for you?

It’s important to find going out tops for women that you enjoy wearing. We make our dressy tops for women to feel sexy and comfortable in, and we truly believe that confidence makes you shine!

If you buy a going out top that you’re not comfortable in or one that doesn’t suit your style, this will reflect in your body language, so it’s crucial that you find the best going out top for you.

What are some stylish and fashionable going out tops that are suitable for different body types and occasions?

We stock a wide range of stylish going out tops, from a simple button down, wrap top, crop top or blouse, we believe our bold and punchy styles are perfect for all styles, bodies and occasions.

Our wrap tops and button downs can be made to look sexier or more conservative depending on how you wrap the shirt and how many buttons you leave open.

All our going out tops are perfect for a wide range of activities and occasions - from whether that means just going to the cinema mid-week or whether you want to let your hair down and dance the night away - our women’s going out tops will be the perfect fit.

How do I choose the right going out top for my body type and personal style?

At NFD, we’re firm believers of wearing what you want and what you feel good in. But we know it can be challenging to find the right top for your body shape. We’ve got a few tips to help you find the perfect top for you.

Apple body shape

If you have an apple body shape - or an oval shaped figure - we’d recommend finding tops with deep V-necks or with fun patterns. Look for flowy tops or tops with ¾ length sleeves.

Hourglass body shape

If you have an hourglass body shape - you have a very well-defined waist and your bottom and top half have similar proportions - we’d recommend trying out tops that have sweetheart or V-necks, and form-fitting belted jackets look particularly good on this body type.

Pear body shape

Someone who has a pear body shape has visually bigger thighs and hips than their upper body.

The best going out tops for this type of body shape are crop tops, tops with a boat neck, V-neck or sweetheart neckline.

Rectangle body shape

This body shape is similar to the hourglass shape, but has less waist definition.

We would recommend tops that are sleeveless or have an interesting texture are definitely ones that would look great on you!

While dressing for your body type can be helpful and informative, it’s always wise to take this advice with a grain of salt.

Rules are made to be broken, and we believe you can look stylish and cool in all of our fits regardless of body type and shape!

What are some tips for accessorizing and pairing going out tops with other pieces of clothing?

Pair our going out tops with bold jewellery, dangly earrings and a cute baguette bag. For big occasions, pair with one of our jaspre skirts or some vegan leather trousers.

If you’re looking forward to a more low-key night out, create a more casual look by wearing natural makeup and your favourite pair of jeans.

How do I care for and maintain my going out tops to keep them looking their best?

We recommend washing your going out tops at 30 C. We’d also recommend ironing your going out tops on a low heat setting. This will keep your tops looking at their best for longer.

What are some trendy and popular going out tops for the current season?

As we go into summer 2023, the ladies’ summer tops that are going to be in fashion are V-neck plunge shirts and leopard print. These styles will be super popular in summer tops for women.

If you’ve found the perfect summer tops but you want to know what’s in for Winter 2023, mesh and sequins are still incredibly popular and on trend.

When looking for the best going out top for you, find a top that you can wear again and again with different clothes from your wardrobe and one you can wear to a wide variety of different events.

Bonus points if the top is also good for the environment, like from our sustainable range! Find a going out top that suits you and your body type and style by following the tips in this article!