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5 ways to style your dress with trainers

607 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
5 ways to style your dress with trainers

Long gone are the days where we'd force ourselves to put on a pair of heels just to feel dressed up. Now, all the it-girls throw on a pair of box-fresh trainers with all their looks. A summer dress with a pair of heels could look very preppy, whereas throwing on your favourite pair of sports trainers creates a more edgy and casual look instead.

Wearing trainers doesn't mean your outfit will be automatically slouchy, but trainers paired with tracksuit bottoms and an old sweatshirt won't exactly create an effortless look. You can avoid a slouchy look by simply pairing your crisp white sneakers with one of your favourite dresses. By pairing with the right accessories and your favourite trainers you'll be able to create a polished and stylish look while staying comfortable all day.

The good news is that trainers are no longer just for exercising or working out, and you can easily incorporate trainers into your outfit without being met with raised eyebrows. The dresses and trainers trend is popular across the world.

How to wear a dress with trainers

Love wearing sneakers, but you're unsure how to combine your favourite midi dress with them? Want to get more wear out of your cute short dresses, but don't like wearing heels or ballet flats? If you wear trainers with your dresses, you could solve all these problems and feel comfortable all day long. By following these five tips, wearing a dress with trainers is an easy outfit formula to follow.

Invest in crisp white trainers

If you're looking for a pair of trainers to go with most things in your wardrobe, a pair of white trainers is your best bet. White trainers can be easily paired with brightly patterned or striped dresses, making dressing simple.

However, that doesn't mean colourful sneakers are off the menu. Trainers in pastel or bright colours can look great contrasted with block colour dresses and can add a little fun to your outfit. Patterned trainers can also add a hint of fun and contrast to a black midi dress.

Stick to neutral dresses

If you don't know what colour dresses to pair with your colourful trainers, we'd suggest going with block colour dresses or neutral coloured dresses, like black, white or grey dresses, first. Try slipping on a pair of hot pink trainers with a black long dress for an eye-catching and playful look.

Consider the length of your dresses

When pairing your trainers with dresses, all dress lengths will suit trainers. From maxi dresses to short dresses and mini dresses, trainers will go with any style or length of dress. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you're used to wearing your long dresses with heels, the point where the dress' hem lands might not be the same one that you're used to.

Do I wear sneakers and socks with my dress?

The trick is, to make sure that your socks aren't visible. Opt for white socks or no-show ankle socks to create the illusion of longer legs. You can even match the colour of the socks to the same colour of your shoes. If it’s autumn or winter, you can switch out the socks for black tights in a denier of your choice.

Is the dress and trainers combo always the right choice?

Sometimes it just isn't the right occasion to wear a dress and trainers combo. While pairing your dresses with trainers can seem cool and casual, and will work for even professional settings and smart dinners, outfits with dresses and trainers won't look great in every situation.

In smart dress code situations, it might be best to opt for a different kind of footwear like heels or boots instead. In the summer and spring, it might be too warm to wear sneakers and your feet might thank you if you slipped on some sandals instead.

5 trainers and dress combo ideas

1. Midi Dress and trainers

Try a midi dress with your trainers, and you'll get so much wear out of this wardrobe staple - from coffee runs to summer evening strolls. Slip on a pair of flatform trainers and accessorise with a cross body bag and a denim jacket.

2. Maxi Dresses and Trainers

All dress lengths really suit trainers and maxi dresses are no exception! Whether you slip on a summery maxi dress and pair with some chunky trainers, or you throw on an oversized jumper over your maxi dress and kick on some chunky white trainers, your outfits will be perfect no matter the season or the weather.

3.Mini Dresses and Trainers

It's time for short dresses to make a comeback. Whether your favourite short dresses are t-shirt dresses, wrap dresses or a cute short tiered design, they all look incredible when put together with your favourite trainers.

Find your new most popular outfits by mixing and matching bold prints with pastel coloured trainers.

4. Smock Dresses and Sneakers

Try out one of our floaty numbers and trainers. Our smock dresses paired with trainers will perfectly toe the line between whimsical and casual. A great look for spring walks and summer picnics. Wear with tights and an oversized cardigan for a cute look in the autumn and winter.

5. Professional Workwear with a twist

Your work closet can be transformed by adding white trainers to your smart dresses. You can play around with dress styles and lengths and wear with your cleanest pair of trainers. Shirt dresses or midi dresses could be perfect for the office. Walk into that meeting in style and comfort!


Trainers are some of the best ways to create a more casual look with your dresses, but you can also wear trainers with your tailored trousers, jeans or wide leg trousers. Have a little fun with your clothes and play with relaxed styles and lean into the comfort of your sneaker.

Whether you have a burgeoning collection of trainers or you're ditching the heels and sandals for comfier footwear for the first time, your outfits will all have a cool vibe and you'll be one of the it-girls to look out for.