561 days ago . by Krystian Szastok

5 Ways To Style Your Co-Ords

561 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
5 Ways To Style Your Co-Ords

At NFD, we know how important it is to get the most out of your clothes. Our iconic co-ords offer both a cohesive and seamless look and the flexibility to mix and match our coordinating sets with other tops or bottoms in your wardrobe.

This means that co-ords have a super long life in your wardrobe and can be dressed up or down and you can wear them throughout the year, no matter when you bought them.

Throughout this blog we’ll share five different ways to style your two-piece sets, but first - what is a co-ord?

What are co-ords and why are they popular in fashion?

Co-ord are outfits consisting of tops and bottoms. These ensembles can either be a blouse and a pair of trousers or a top and a skirt. A matchy-matchy clothing look is seamless, and particularly in the case of our top and skirt co-ords, you can create an optical illusion of wearing a dress with a belt across the front.

In the past, the only available co-ords were suits, but now co-ords are far more fashionable and less formal.

Co-ords are really popular in fashion because they’re easy to throw on while still creating a cool outfit.

Can co-ords be worn in different seasons and climates?

Co-ords can be worn throughout the year and in different seasons and climates, you can find both summer co-ords and winter co-ords. Co-ordinated clothing can also be worn to a wide variety of different occasions, you can find going-out co-ords and even co-ords suitable for a wedding!

Co-ords can also be dressed down as well. We would recommend pairing your matching co-ord set with trainers and a relaxed jacket to create a more casual outfit. You can also swap your co-ord top for a relaxed white tee for a laid-back look.

What are some common ways to style co-ords?

We’ll explore some of the most common ways to style your co-ord set below. Many women choose to either style the co-ords together or they separate the top and the bottom sections to create a brand new outfit.

Here are some fashion tips we would recommend considering when styling your two-piece set below.

1: Try a Neutral Colour Combo

If you’re a bit intimidated by wearing head to toe colour, opt for a neutral coloured co-ord. At NFD, we have co-ords available in some great neutral shades, such as black, rich dark browns, khaki and cream colours. These shades make it easy to mix and match your co-ord set with other pieces in your wardrobe too.

You’ll definitely be able to wear our neutral toned co-ords all year round, and you can easily throw on a matching jacket in the winter months, or pair your summer co-ord with sandals and a denim jacket for when it starts to get warmer.

2. Wear your co-ord as a matching skirt and top set

Two piece skirt and top combos are a firm favourite - just think about the cute gingham numbers from the 1950s!

We’d recommend pairing yours with a pair of trainers and a cardigan for a breezy summer look, and with tights, boots and your favourite winter coat for when it starts to get colder.

3. Pair your co-ords with your favourite accessories

If you want to match your skirts, trousers and tops together you might think that this statement doesn’t need any more accessories, but by pairing your new top and trouser co-ords with some of your favourite pieces of jewellery can really make the whole look come together.

4. Mix and match your co-ords

Although co-ords are meant to be worn together, we don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to mix and match as you like! Create endless combinations by mixing and matching the top and the bottom of your co-ord set with other clothes in your wardrobe.

Try pairing one of our jaspre skirt co-ords with a graphic t-shirt, or maybe a green co-ord blouse with your favourite pair of mom jeans instead.

5. Colour-blocking co-ord

For a super striking and stunning look, mix and match your co-ord with bold colourful pieces to create a colour-blocked outfit. Our knitted co-ord range is full of bright colours perfect for colour blocking. Our knitted co-ords come in bright pops of pink, orange and green.

You can experiment with colour-blocking contrasting colours on the colour wheel - making sure that these bright colours will compliment your skin tone.

It’s time to go bold!

How can you make co-ords look stylish and unique?

You might think that it’s difficult to make co-ords look stylish and unique if they already come in a two piece set.

However, by pairing our co-ords with different accessories and by mixing and matching our co-ords, you’re sure to make sure that our co-ords will always look unique, even if you bump into someone else wearing one of our co-ords.

As a bonus, many of our pieces, like our jaspre skirts, can be tied differently depending on the look you want to create.

Are there any tips for mixing and matching different co-ord pieces?

If you want to mix and match your co-ord pieces, you can either boldly pair different patterns together, or you can match co-ord pieces that are opposite each other on the colour wheel for some bold colour combinations.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed option, then pair the top or bottom pieces with a neutral piece - like pairing a blazer co-ords with your favourite jeans or a neutral roll neck jumper.

Can co-ords be dressed up or down for different occasions?

Our co-ords are perfect for weddings, nights out and staying in. All that matters is how you style our co-ords. For wedding co-ords, we would recommend adding your favourite heels and simple statement jewellery. For co-ord sets when you’re going out, find your most glam accessories and pair them with a cute baguette bag.

If you want to stay casual, all our co-ords can be easily dressed down with a slouchy jumper or jacket and your favourite trainers.

What are some key accessories that can enhance a co-ord outfit?

Some of the best accessories that will enhance your co-ord look are some of the most simple.

Opt for statement jewellery, a cute bag and your favourite pair of shoes for looks all year round. If you’re thinking of heading to the beach take a tote bag and add sunnies to complete your look.

Are there any body type or shape considerations for wearing co-ords?

Our jaspre skirt co-ords can be tied in a wide variety of different ways, perfect for all kinds of body shapes.

In fact, many of our co-ords are suitable for wear during pregnancy too, so our co-ords suit all body types and shapes.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when styling co-ords?

Some common mistakes when styling co-ords can be adding too many accessories or getting your co-ords in a much larger size than need be.

Let your co-ords speak for themselves and add a small number of your favourite accessories to make your outfit pop!

Where can you find inspiration for styling co-ords?

If you need more outfit ideas and inspiration when it comes to styling our co-ords, check out our Instagram!