Are mini skirts in at the moment?

Micro mini skirts came back into fashion last summer, but the length - dating from the 1960s - has never gone out of fashion. Shop our extensive online collection to find the best micro skirt or statement skirt for you!

Can I wear a mini skirt to work?

Of course you can! We would recommend pairing a mini skirt with tights and a smart office blouse to ensure that your look stays office-appropriate.

How can I wear a mini skirt?

If you’re looking for a sexy skirt but you’re not sure how to dress it up or down, here’s our guide on how to wear a mini skirt. We’d recommend pairing your zip up skirt with chunky boots and oversized layers. For a more modest look, pair your mini skirt with a long sleeve top for contrast. If you want to wear a sexy skirt, we’d recommend pairing a micro skirt with a cropped top or your favourite going out top.

What is considered a mini skirt?

A mini skirt is a skirt that’s hemline rests well above the knees, and it was first created in the 1960s.