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267 days ago . by Roz Brabner

How to wear faux leather

267 days ago . by Roz Brabner
How to wear faux leather

We LOVE the leather look which is why we have recently launched a capsule  vegan leather collection in sizes UK 6-28. Faux leather is a staple in our autumn/ winter wardrobes but we know thanks to Ross from friends and that talc powder moment not everyone is convinced. So, if you are intrigued about how to style vegan leather or purchasing your first ever pair of faux leather pants but need more help, this is the place! 

What is faux leather?

Faux leather, also known as vegan leather or leather look is a durable material perfect to wear in the colder months. This material mimics the benefits of leather but is not derived from animal skin.

How to style vegan leather?

Leather look items are such an essential item in your A/W wardrobe because they are the ultimate dress up or down garment. At Never Fully Dressed we are obsessed with day-to-night dressing, we simply do not have time to have multiple outfit changes a day so we are always thinking about how you can make minimal changes for maximum impact. 

Subtle styling

Ease yourself into that leather look life with a staple item. We recommend starting at the bottoms, go for a simple style by wearing a black sweater with our vegan leather trousers or vegan leather jaspre skirt. If you want an understated look opt for our classic black vegan leather trousers and our Love Jumper This is a classic look which you can wear with pumps or heels to feel super chic.

On-trend style

If you want to keep up with the latest trends but still want to stay understated what about swapping out the Black Vegan Leather Trousers in favor for the gold pair. This gorgeous shade of gold is really wearable whatever your skin-tone and will make a simple outfit work much harder! Wear with our Miley Shirt for a chic look. 

Leather Look Dresses

Vegan leather looks amazing in a pinafore dress, this traditional dress shape works well with the tougher exterior of the vegan leather. This is a perfect office look for a rainy day, and thanks to the subtle stretch built it, its also super comfortable to wear. Pair with a roll neck sweater or a white shirt for a smart style. 

Pinafore vegan leather dress  White shirt



Faux Leather Trench Coats 

Vegan Leather was made for trench coats, such a perfect pairing between a classic garment and robust material. Wear open or closed to make a simple outfit pop when you are out and about in the city. We'll be wearing ours over our work outfits with boots in the week and with sneakers at the weekend for strolls through the park. We have added classic NFD twists to our trenches to make you love them forever. 

The Black Embroidered Vegan Leather Trench Coat  is especially special thanks to the incredible detail added to the storm flap, waist belt and sleeve detailing. Our Silver and Magenta trenches are also style statements worth investing in this year. These incredible on-trend colours elevate your outfit instantly. 

Vegan Leather Black Trench Pink Magenta Vegan Leather Trench  Silver Vegan Leather Trench Coat

Styling Tips

Balance Textures: Mix vegan leather with softer textures like knitwear, silk, or denim for a well-rounded look. 

Pair with Basics: Combine vegan leather items with basic wardrobe staples like a white tee or denim for a chic contrast.

Play with Contrasts: Pair feminine or casual items with vegan leather to add interest. 

Experiment: Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and combinations to find what suits you best