Maternity Dresses FAQs

In what month of pregnancy do you need maternity clothes?

For most of your first trimester, you will still be able to wear normal clothes, but after the 4th month or 5th month of your pregnancy, you’ll have to wear larger clothes to accommodate your bump. Our wide range of maternity dresses can be worn throughout pregnancy, and our dresses can be worn as a breastfeeding dress once your little one has arrived.

Can a pregnant woman wear a dress?

Our maternity dresses are suitable for wear throughout pregnancy. You can even wear our dresses to special occasions, and you’ll be able to find your next maternity wedding guest dress with us.

What style of dress is best for pregnancy?

Our maternity wrap dress can be easily adjusted throughout pregnancy, making it a perfect style to wear while you’re expecting. Other styles of a maternity friendly dress include dresses with loose waists or dresses made out of stretchy fabric.

Which dress is best for breast feeding?

Many of our maternity friendly dresses also double up as a perfect breastfeeding dress. Our breastfeeding dresses will often have a wrap top closure to make breastfeeding easy.

What should I wear to breastfeed?

Many of our dresses are suitable for nursing. Our nursing dresses have a closure at the front to make breastfeeding on the go easy. We have a range of wrap tops that would also make great options to wear for when you need to breastfeed.