Mummy and Me Outfits and Dresses FAQs

What are mummy and me outfits?

Mummy and me outfits are matching outfits for adults and children. This means you and your baby can wear almost identical outfits for ultimate cuteness.

What are some popular mummy and me fashion trends?

Some really popular outfits for you and your mini-me include frock style dresses, matching floral dresses and oversized t-shirt dresses. You can also wear the same accessories as your baby to nod towards the trend.

How can I style mummy and me dresses for a special occasion?

Mummy and me dresses are great to wear to big family celebrations and weddings. Having your mini-me wear the same dress as you to a party is very cute. Just make sure that your child also feels comfortable. If you’re wearing heels, make sure your child is wearing comfy sandals or trainers - and you’re both bound to feel fabulous.

Can I mix and match different mummy and me clothes?

Absolutely! You can get lots of variety in your outfit choices by mixing and matching mummy and me clothes. You can choose when to match your child or when to change it up.