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Feel Good Activewear

144 days ago . by ELEANOR SYKES
Feel Good Activewear

For everyone and everywhere...

It's not just about looking good – it's about feeling good. Our activewear is designed to make you feel unstoppable, whether you're going to the gym or simply enjoying a meet up with friends. 

Say goodbye to uncomfortable, uninspiring workout gear and hello to a new era of confidence, comfort, and style. In sizes UK 6-28 US 2-24.

The Costa Rica print

The more you look, the more you see...

Leopards, palms, geo prints and beautiful bodies all hand painted in-house creating the most wild, fun and empowering abstract print. With built-in natural stretch, and made from a sturdy non-see through fabric, this collection is supportive and compressive. Perfect for early morning runs, yoga classes or elevated day to day athleisure.


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Dancing queens...

It's time to dance like nobody is watching – and look and feel amazing while you do it.

Slip into the most comfortable and supportive activewear you've ever worn – it's like a second skin. Empowering you to take on anything!


Dance class - Dancebox

We currently work with professional dancer Illana Gabbrill - A feel good force to be reckoned with. 

In the past Illana has hosted feel good dance classes with everyone in head to toe NFD Activewear. It was the most inspiring and carefree experience.

Illana runs a dance class business called DANCEBOX. "A life changing sacred space that empowers, heals and builds confidence in EVERYBODY. Forget technique, skill and humanity, as this dance class gives you the courage to set fire to your innermost fears and traumas.

DanceBox, holds a space of acceptance, an all inclusive, judgement free zone where everyBODY, can come and feel safe to unleash their most vulnerable selves onto the dance floor and to be a part of a community that allows you to be sassy, sexy, empowered and alive. DanceBox is soul baring, therapeutic, fire that everyone needs."


Feel good activities to show off your NFD outfit! 

1. @flyhighbungee - Fly high bungee fitness

2. @julius_burphy - Fitness classes

3. @fluxflowdancecentre - "A queer owned, body positive movement space with online and in person clases" Home of baby dance club 


Listen while you work out... 

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