1260 days ago . by Georgie Sykes

5 ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day

1260 days ago . by Georgie Sykes
5 ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year it’s all about spreading the love, because let’s face it, it’s exactly what the world needs right now. Whether you’re in the mood for love, cherishing an old friend or just treating yourself to some TLC, let’s share the love!

Keep scrolling to see 5 ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day:


1. Send a lurrve letter

Write a note to a partner, a friend or family with a little gift. Reminisce on good times, things that you love about them and make plans for the future. You can do this online with our E-Gift cards or why not go old school and send one in the post! Imagine the excitement your recipient will have when they receive a letter, I don’t know about you, but I look forward to having my daily chat with the Hermes Steve, so receiving an unexpected leopard print card would be super exciting! Send a ‘Life is tough honey, but so are you’ gift voucher to make someone’s day.

2. The gift that keeps on giving

Send a gift to the most important person in your life…you! Our attention is not focused on potential love interests of the human variety this year, we are all about the fashion things making our hearts sing! Treat yourself to a gift which you can feel great in. Would you like the Pink Tile Wrap dress so you’re ready for the runway AKA hallway? Would you like the Jaspre Leopard Skirt so you can flirt your way into the VIP… of your lounge? Or would you prefer to treat yourself to some knitted, luxury loungewear….‘housework couture’? Write yourself a wish list (everyone loves a good list), and gift yourself with something you love because you’ve earned it honey!  

3. Music to our ears

Spend some time making a playlist of your favourite feel-good love songs, something you can dance to or something to sing your heart out to! Join us and listen to our NFD love playlist which really lets you exercise your vocals, including love songs from Whitney to Kayne!

4. A peony for your thoughts

Lose yourself in learning a new skill or improving a skill you might already have! Arranging a beautiful bouquet is not only hopelessly romantic but also a great way to relax. Join Hazel Gardiner live on our Instagram on Feel-Good Friday for a bloomin’ amazing flower arranging workshop and also a good chinwag! And of course, you’ll need to look the part so why not find a matching outfit! The Swedish Prink tee will match pink peonies perfectly for a pick me up bunch!  

5. Dress the part

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, why not get dressed up! If you look the part, you’ll feel the part and if you’re feeling happy and confident in the way you look, everyone around will feel the same because honey, your energy is contagious!

How about dressing sweet but sassy in a romantic wrap dress. The Cherry Print wrap dress is not only perfect for a romantic ménage à deux but it can also be dressed down as a duster over jeans. Check out our styling videos on Instagram to see how many different ways you can wear our wrap dresses. A must have for the Valentine’s wardrobe and something you can keep for years to come. This relationship is long term.  


If you’re still not ready to give up the loungewear look then do it with a romantic twist. The Love loungewear set is ideal for cosy movie nights or giggles with the girls. Accessorise it with the matching love headband or romance it up with the gold love necklace.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day zooming the girls, romancing it up with your partner or just spending it alone and looking after yourself make sure you do it with love and keep going honey! We’ve got this!