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What to Wear in Dubai In 2023

509 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
What to Wear in Dubai In 2023

What to Wear in Dubai In 2023

Fancy basking in the sun in the depths of winter? Do you enjoy living in luxury, relaxing by the poolside or exciting trips via yacht?

Dubai might be just the place for you. In recent years, Dubai has become super popular with the rich and famous and young influencers, but it’s an exciting destination for everyone.

Although influencers might have you believe that Dubai is a party town, the reality is Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, which is a strict Islamic country. Therefore, it’s important that as a tourist you respect the dress codes and cultural expectations in Dubai as well as having an amazing holiday.

This guide will help you find the best outfits to wear in Dubai while being respectful of the Dubai dress code and the city’s culture.

What is Dubai’s climate like?

Dubai is a city located in the Arabian desert, and is set right on the coast of the Arabian peninsula. As a result, average temperatures can hit up to 40 C in the summer months, and in the autumn and winter temperatures can rise up to 30 C.

Summers are typically prolonged, humid and windy, and the hottest month to visit Dubai is in August.

However, most days are filled with sunshine so you can still visit Dubai and get the warmth and sunshine you crave without staying there during the hottest time of the year.

All of the bars, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels will have air conditioning, so there’s always a chance to escape from the heat if it gets too hot.

How important is it to consider Dubai’s climate when packing?

If you’re headed out to Dubai for a holiday in 2023, it’s a must to consider the weather while packing.

Typically, you won’t need to pack anything other than summer clothes when you’re packing for Dubai, but if you head there in the winter months, you might consider slipping a light jacket or jumper in your suitcase, especially if you’re heading to the desert - where it can get particularly cold at night.

We’d recommend making sure that you take comfortable summer sandals, but otherwise, you should pack what you would normally wear in a hot summery location.

While you might think packing a dress to wear with trainers might be the best option, your feet can quickly get uncomfortable in closed shoes in the Dubai heat. As such we’d recommend relying on your summer sandals and bringing a pair of trainers as a backup.

What is traditional Arabic clothing?

Traditional Arabic clothing for women in Dubai is typically an abaya. Abayas are long flowing dress-like garments and cover all parts of the body - except for the head, feet and hands.

It can be worn with a niqab - which is a face veil covering all but the eyes, or it can be worn with a hijab, which covers the hair and neck.

In many Islamic countries, Muslim women are expected to cover their hair and wear loose garments.

When and where should you wear traditional Arabic clothing?

Typically, tourists in Dubai are not expected to wear an abaya or a hijab and there isn’t a strict dress code in Dubai for tourists to follow.

However, we would recommend carrying a light headscarf with you at all times, so you can cover your hair if necessary.

In the tourist friendly areas, your Dubai outfits don’t need to be loose and modest and you can wear whatever you would normally wear on a summer holiday.

However, if you visit any mosques or parts of the old town where more locals live, we would recommend wearing looser clothing and making sure that your hair, knees and shoulders are covered.

What kind of modern western attire do you see in Dubai?

Dubai has a relatively relaxed dress code, compared to other countries in the Middle East. Typically, men can wear whatever they usually would - such as jeans, t-shirts, shirts and trousers.

The list of suitable summer clothes to wear in Dubai is relatively extensive. Women can wear tops, dresses, skirts and trousers, but sometimes in certain areas it is best to wear more modest clothing and cover up.

What not to wear in Dubai?

While tourists can mostly wear anything they want in Dubai, we’d recommend avoiding wearing more revealing clothing if you go to a part of the city where there are considerably less tourists.

Not only will you not be breaking any dress codes, but you won’t stick out from a crowd either, which could make you feel uncomfortable.

What should you wear for different occasions?

Whether you’re going to a business meeting or just casually socialising in Dubai, for westerners, most Western attire is absolutely fine for you to wear. However, in shopping malls and throughout Ramadan, you might find that there is a stricter dress code to follow.

If in doubt, we’d recommend wearing clothes where your knees and shoulders are covered.

What kind of beachwear can you wear in Dubai?

You can go to the beach and wear bikinis in Dubai. Many beaches have a relatively relaxed approach to a dress code - and you’ll see people wearing everything from burkinis to the latest bikini.

However, it is not acceptable to go to a restaurant wearing your swimming suit or bikini. Additionally, nudity is not acceptable in any of Dubai’s water parks or on any of the beaches.


Heading off to Dubai? We’d recommend packing all the right clothes for a summer holiday - such as loose dresses, tops and skirts to stave off the heat. A pair of summer sandals is an absolute must! Normally, Dubai is incredibly hot, but if you’re considering a visit during the winter months, make sure that you pack a light jumper and jacket too, just in case.

While Dubai has a more relaxed approach to dress codes than its neighbours, we’d still recommend being mindful of Dubai’s traditions.This means making sure you pack a light headscarf and more modest clothing if you want to explore any religious sites or the old town.

With our Dubai clothing tips, you’ll be ready for your glamorous trip in no time!