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How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Birthday

595 days ago . by Krystian Szastok
How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Birthday
It's time to celebrate your birthday again! No matter what you decide to do on your birthday - whether you've planned a big party or just a casual dinner with loved ones, we know that your birthday outfit can really make or break the event.
You want to find birthday outfits that you feel good in and birthday outfits that are sure to catch everyone's eye.
It's your day so you can dress however you like, from slipping on your favourite sexy outfit or wearing your favourite t-shirt and jeans. However you choose to do your birthday, make sure that you feel your best!

What to wear on your birthday

Get ready to glam up for your birthday! For your birthday celebration, you should choose to wear something you feel comfortable and gorgeous in. After all, when's a better time to wear an eye-catching look?
We'd recommend finding something nicer than what you would usually wear - this event is all about you, after all! From chic birthday dresses to skirts, midi dresses for women, co-ords, blouses and trousers, you'll be able to find a special outfit for your day!
Find some cool accessories and shoes to complete your look and you'll be ready to celebrate your birthday in style!

What to wear on your birthday in the winter

Weather really does dictate your birthday outfit options. If your birthday falls in the colder months, you've got to prepare for the weather. But you can still pull off a show stopping look in the colder weather.
You can still wear your favourite little black dress, but just make sure to layer up before you go outside. Try a mini dress paired with a classic pair of heels or a blazer suit combination. Tailored items will look great on your big day, just remember to play with the silhouettes so you can find the best birthday outfit for you.
Play with looks that use the same shade of colour for maximum impact. You could even mirror the same colour in your eye makeup for a bit more fun.
Make sure you slip on some tights and a coat before you head out, and you'll be ready to celebrate in style, even in the colder weather.

What to wear on your birthday in the summer

It's time to find the perfect birthday outfit, and if your birthday lands in the summer, there's no need to worry about layering up against the cold. From picnics in the sunshine to a beach party to enjoying brunch in the sunshine, there's loads of options for your summer birthday bash.
When it comes to summer birthday outfits, there are lots to choose from. Whether you're choosing between your favourite party dresses, a cute day dress, or you want a more casual birthday outfit, you'll be able to find the perfect birthday outfit for you.
This is a great time to play around with bold prints and bright patterns, from a bright red birthday dress to a neon crop top and jeans, you can really choose a statement piece. Pair brightly coloured summer dresses with a cute pair of earrings and strappy sandals, and you'll be ready to hit the town.

What to wear to a birthday party

What if you're the one that's invited to someone else's special day? Understandably, you won't want to steal the birthday girl or guy's thunder but you'll want to look cute and feel comfortable too.
You'll need to choose the right outfit for the occasion - so put that great fashion sense to the test!
It's always important in social situations to feel comfortable and good about yourself. This will allow you to talk to people more easily. If your outfit doesn't fit or your sky high heels aren't as comfortable as you'd like, you're going to spend a lot of time adjusting your outfit, and you'll look uncomfortable.
To avoid feeling out of place, try your birthday party dress on before you commit to this birthday look to make sure that the outfit is comfortable enough for hours of chatting and partying.

What to wear to a birthday dinner

If you've been invited to a birthday dinner, or you're hosting a dinner for your birthday outfits, there's a whole host of different birthday outfit options you could rock for your meal.
If the restaurant is particularly fancy, one of our evening dresses or cocktail dresses might be the best fit for the occasion.
From a staple black birthday dress to dresses with floral prints, whatever your personal style is, you can rock at dinner!

What to wear to a 50th birthday party

Gold is the perfect colour to wear to a "golden jubilee" birthday party. As long as your chosen birthday outfits make you feel comfortable and are suitable for both the venue and the weather, you'll be sure to find the perfect birthday outfit for a 50th birthday party.
Some great ideas for an outfit for a 50th birthday include a stylish long sleeve dress in jewel tones. Pair with a nice pair of high heels and some fun accessories. For a modern twist, pair your favourite pair of black trousers with a brightly printed top and a jacket for when it gets chilly.

What are the important things to consider when choosing a birthday outfit?

There are some important factors you should consider when you're trying to come up with some great birthday outfit ideas.
Whether you want to wear a sexy birthday dress or keep things a little more casual, you should think about certain things to make sure you feel comfortable all day.

Prioritise comfort

Make sure you choose a birthday outfit that you feel comfortable in.
If you pick a cute dress that cuts into you, or that's a little too loose, you'll end up spending a lot of your time fixing your outfit or worrying about how it looks, instead of enjoying yourself.

Dress for the weather

Make sure that you check the weather before heading out. That super cute pencil skirt might be all the rage, but if it's going to be chilly and rainy all day, you might want to slip on some tights underneath.
Just because it's cold in the winter, doesn't mean you'll have to avoid wearing your favourite sexy birthday dress. To protect yourself from temperature drops, layer up and pair your mini dresses with tights and boots to stay cosy and cute.

Dress to impress

Remember it's a birthday that you're celebrating! It's time to have fun and you can ditch the same old outfits you wear all year round. Time to draw attention to yourself and wear a new outfit that really flatters your body and your skin tone.
At Never Fully Dressed, we have a wide range of different outfit choices perfect for your birthday celebration! From our iconic animal print dress to gorgeous dresses with sleeves, you're bound to find the right birthday outfit for you.
Our showstopping special occasion dresses and fits are guaranteed to make heads turn and you'll be able to enjoy all the attention, you birthday girl!