NFD Extra Love Report

More than a fashion brand

We know we have come a long way from sewing and customising samples in Lucy’s parent’s attic. As we expand, we appreciate our growing responsibility to be conscious of our environmental impact and to our community.

At NFD we believe sustainability is journey where we are all learning and growing together. We are serious about our sustainability mission and proud of the steps we have taken so far across the NFD collection, as well as the ones we are working on for the future. 


Fibres & Materials

Our NFD Extra love product range is made from fabrics that support our journey, taking steps towards a more sustainable future.  We are consistently working with our supply chain to expand our offering of materials that will have less impact on the planet. We currently include Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester and Eco Vero Viscose fibres in the NFD range which each hold their own benefits.

Recycled Polyester or rPET is made from recycled post consumer waste of plastic bottles generating less carbon emissions than traditional polyester, using less energy and reducing the impact on the earth’s natural resources. 


Eco Vero Viscose is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre that is breathable and gentle on skin. It is made from wood pulp derived from sustainably managed forests.  In production it has a 50% lower water impact than conventional viscose and up to 50% lower CO2 emissions helping to combat climate change. 

Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a lower impact on the environment than traditional cotton. It prohibits the use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides, helping to replenish and maintain soil fertility for future crops. 

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NFD for a lifetime

We create bold, playful standout garments, through our distinct NFD handwriting,  exclusive prints, and fashion forward style that you can love your pieces time and time again.

We fit our garments back to front to ensure they can be worn multiple ways, offering our customer versatile styles with longevity in mind, increasing your wear per garment.

NFD designer, Abi: 

“We want our garments to look great no matter what shape or size our customer is, with inclusive designs and a wide size offering, ensuring our range stays true to the NFD brand without losing any detail or style.”

We take pride in our attention to detail down to every trim we use on every garment, where it is positioned and how it feels against the skin, focusing on function and wearability whilst maintaining fashionable and versatile items you can wear multiple times.

Our team minimise sampling by ensuring designs are detailed and thorough, we create consistency within the measurement guidelines given to our supply chain in order to minimise the amount of samples they produce in the production process.

We are currently working on introducing a virtual fit tool and trying on session to further improve our customer experience and reduce our returns in order to lower our carbon footprint.

Responsible Denim

Our denim range launched in 2021 uses 1/3 of water compared to conventional wash machines used in most denim processes. Eco-friendly washes and chemicals have been applied in the treatment of the denim to reduce the environmental impact.

Our denim supplier has an in-house sustainable washing unit. This washing facility replaces traditional harmful processes by using cutting-edge laser and innovative ozone to treat garments, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, reducing water waste by up to 80% and saving energy.

Our denim supplier has also invested in dramatically reducing factory waste by taking all factory offcuts to recycle into their own unique cloth. 

This creates a circular model and saves huge amounts of waste fabric going to landfill every month. 

All of our responsible denim conform with GOTS, GRS, OCS and the RCS.



As family is at the heart of NFD, it is very important for us to ensure that any international suppliers we do use also have family and ethical values at the forefront of their business.

Building long, positive, and open relationships with our suppliers allows us to create an ethical supply chain.

We select suppliers which fit this ethical ethos and therefore prefer to use suppliers who are registered with SEDEX. A ‘fair wage’ is determined by the local average wage and working hours which meet local law.

We work to review

all factory audits to ensure workers are paid a fair wage and work in a safe environment, ensuring all factories are 

rated C or higher.

All suppliers must adhere to the following requirements:

Zero tolerance for modern-day slavery

Zero tolerance for child labour

Monitored control of any excessive overtime hours worked per employee

Health and safety measures in place for:

- Emergency evacuations from the building

- Fire escapes clear passage and sign posted

- Fire alarms regular testing and recorded drills

Never Fully Dressed recommends the use of recycled textiles and packaging to support efforts towards the circular economy. 

It is not permitted to manufacture virgin material and 

immediately recycle to make the claim recycled.


Our NFD community are at the forefront of everything we do, this has been integrated into our signature from day one. 

Things have come a long way from the days of Lucy customising samples in her parent’s attic but our ongoing relationship with our customer and community has always held the same family focus.  

We constantly strive to be more than just a fashion brand by supporting and engaging with our community. Our customer truly is our influencer so anything that is important to you is important to us.

Over the years we have supported a wide number of charities through the sales of our iconic Charity Tee’s, each of which have been close to the hearts of our staff and our community. This year, for 2022, we are so excited to be expanding our partnerships with our three key charity partners as part of our Charity Love campaign.

Through our bright prints and inclusive styling, we aim to empower and spread positivity. 

This is all made possible by every member of the NFD family who inspire creativity, take risks, and support one another. We value every individual and are committed to building a passionate and encouraging staff culture.


Waste Materials

We strive to reduce waste in all our processes, that’s why we use waste fabric from our garments to create drawstring bags for accessories and face coverings, this allows our factories to create a more circular fashion process.

This summer we also launched our new responsible packaging which is made from recycled materials to reduce packaging waste. All our packaging is FSC certified and conforms with the Global Recycled Standard. Our woven back neck labels are also made from recycled materials and conform with the GRS.

Animal Welfare Policy

Never Fully Dressed is committed to improving the life of animals and  ensuring animals products, except for 

by-products from the meat industry, are not used within the manufacture or sourcing of our products. 

Suppliers must comply with the following standards:
Not using any parts of an animal taken from Endangered or Vulnerable species as listed in the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species and International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists.
Not using silk
Not using fur pelts, including Mongolian Lambs fur and Karakul lambskin.
Not using any fibre derived from live plucking of animals
Not using Angora and other rabbit fur
Not using Mohair and Cashmere fibres.
Not using Alpaca fibre.
Not using wool that comes from farms where Mulesing is practiced.
Not testing on animals for any cosmetic or hygiene products.

Sustainability & Circularity


We launched our Pre-loved initiative over two years ago as an exciting project to encourage the life cycle of your wardrobe.

Our amazing Pre-loved idea originally spiralled from owner Lucy wearing an old NFD Banana Wrap Dress on Instagram that we don’t sell anymore…we were flooded with questions about where it could be found. This sparked ideas as to what our customers do with their Pre-loved NFD? Dresses, tops and skirts that are too good to not be loved and worn by someone else. 

Have you got NFD items sitting in your wardrobe that still have the tags on or you've worn again and again but ready for something new? Earn loyalty points by sending back your old NFD. Your item/items will be quality checked in-house by NFD to make sure they’re ready for a new home. We will then showcase your item/items on our Depop account where you will find one of a kind samples, oldies but goldies and gorgeous accessories. Maybe you missed something the first time round and forever regretted it, or you’re an advocate in decreasing the production of newness…NFD Depop is the place for you.


Extend the life cycle of your clothes and contribute to a circular fashion world. 🌎

NFD Care & Repair

So…you know we are all about styling videos and tying tips to reinvent, 

live in and love wearing your NFD forever and ever…well we’ve taken it one step further, and want to give you the tools to continue to love your clothes 

when they might need that bit of extra love! 

Whether a hole, lost button, or if you want to make things smaller, shorter…we’ve made a little series to share a few tips, enjoy!!!